2014年7月8日 星期二

Nomad house - Nepal Pohkara

A nomad house

A nomad house contributes a very vital part of a sharing community.
Being a nomad traveler, we travel for long time, we sleep in tents, we look for work away and  job opportunites, we go for dumpster diving, we hitchhike, we need any kind of support and most importantly, respect.
I dedicated my life and my career to travelling. After some years of traveling,  I have tried to set up nomad houses by myself to be the base of sharing. 

Here is a precisely captioned and properly illustrated article to give a better understanding of a sharing community. 

This young man has no money with him, carrying just a guitar, a small bag or a backpack. You gave him a ride, you brought him home, you made friends with him, exchanged stories and each others' culture. You probably don't understand what he was doin', but maybe you would remember, this chap once told you,
"One day, I will build my own place to help all the travlers who need help or just want to share."

My ultimate goal is to build up a network connecting my world-wide travel fellows and list out all the places that give any kind of support to nomads and needies. So please start brainstorming idea to our facebook page "
loveandpeacetravler@gmail.com", set up nomad base on your own, or share the existing nomad bases, this is how everyone get understand or update our traveling information.   

作為一個游牧旅行者,長時間的流浪,我們要睡帳篷、打工換宿、找工作當義工、找食物、搭便車...... 基本上我們需要任何形式的支持和尊重。

我決意把生活和事業都投放在我的興趣 - 旅遊方面。多年的旅遊經驗,我選擇了好幾個地方開始游牧之家。


那時候你也許不明白他在做什麼,但也許你會記得,他曾經對你說過 :

游牧旅行者的地點。我要有更多這些資訊,或者有需要的人想得知這些資料,所以請你分享你的意見,分享你的消息給我們的facebook Page: 

Special thanks to AOAO - a passionate photographer from Macau magazines, a stubborn hitchhiker demonstrating quality pictures and offer a visual delight to everyone.
(You surely can spot out the nicer pics without difficulty. )

特別鳴謝AOAO - 澳門雜誌社的攝影師,從不放棄夢想到有點固執的截車女孩,為大家提供一系列滿足視覺享受的照片。(她拍的水準比我的手機好多了,你一定很容易看得出來。)

We found Mela from Germany to be our model showing the neighborhood around us.

AOAO followed our friend, a Japanese teacher, visiting nearby school in Syangja.
AOAO 跟著我們日本教師朋友,參觀Syangja裡的學校。

We picked up cool travelers that need help, and certainly we receive a lot of friends from Couch-surfing!
It is an idea more than solely providing accomodation, everyone shares what they have to others and build up fun and unforgettable memory!


Here everyone can improvise and organise any activity.
Yoga on rooftop, international movies and music, cooking & BBQ , swimming in the lake, bike trip,  and we had a couchsurfing picnic on a great sunny day!


 屋頂上的瑜伽、各國的電影和音樂、煮食燒烤、湖裡游泳、草地上的足球、自駕遊... 有一個晴天我們辨了個沙發客野餐!

Anyone can experience the sweet and warm feeling of hitchhiking in and out easily!

 In front of our houses is the landing area of paragliders. Everyday you wake up, open up your doors and breathe the freedom up in the sky.

One quiet full moon night, we chilled out at the front door. A creepy man popped out from nowhere and asked,
"It's full moon tonight..! I have never invited anyone but I have been longing for paddelboarding in a full moon night! I have few spare boards and you guys wanna join?"

一個寂靜的夜晚,我們如常在門外閒聊。一個神秘男子突然跳出來問道 :
"今晚月圓之夜,我有幾塊板,要玩立槳衝浪嗎? 我想玩很久了!"

I met a random guy, Deepen, on the street and became very good friends with him.  
I miss him and his sweet family very much cos I home-stayed with them for some world cup matches and he brought me to play in his team for some football matches!

I followed anyone home when I travel, but in Nepal, it happens so often!
म नेपाल प्रेम
This is Pohkara domestic airport, I hope it will upgrade to "international" soon. With poor mountain roads in Tibet border and Nepal area, I wish accidents will halt after international airport is built. 



म नेपाल प्रेम


In Nepal motorbikes are everywhere. If you think twice, hitchhiking is much faster than squeezing in a "100+" bus!

尼泊爾電單車很多。一個人來這邊出出入入,識搭一定搭大電單車! 截車快過百人擠巴士多多聲!

AOAO had a menu photoshooting for our neighbor resturants, Duna-tapari, because the boss is a very friendly man and helped us with everything! Look at its view! 

鄰居是間很好的餐廳,因為老闆(男的)超好人,對我們這新突入的鄰居無微不至! 一天AOAO拍攝照片,替菜單換新裝。看看餐廳的美景吧!

By setting up more nomad bases, hopefully in the near future, more people will try to build up theirs on their own and promote the idea, ultimately my target is to set up a website / apps to connect all the nomad bases together! Then all nomad travelers can freely gather around in the global and contribute the neighbourhood!!
Anyone who is interested please follow our facebook page

游牧之家後,會令更多人自行建立,並分享游牧之家這個概念。而我的終極目標,就是建立出一個持續更新的網站 / 手機程式,去把各地游牧之家據點的最新消息連接起來,令游牧旅人可以到處聚集,創出更多有意義的社會貢獻和服務!
有興趣的朋友,請關注我們的FACEBOOK PAGE

預告 : 另一個游牧之家的據點又快將出現啦!
Up coming : The Next Nomad home is coming soon!

Facebook page : loveandpeacetravler@gmail.com